Tech News Recap for the Week of 4/18/2016

Were you busy this week? Here’s a tech news recap of articles you may have missed for the week of 4/18/2016!

A new study from Intel says 80% of IT budgets are about to be aimed at the cloud. Analysts at JP Morgan are predicting that Microsoft could run away with the top cloud spot among CIOs used to more traditional on-premise infrastructures. Microsoft launches Azure container service, Hyundai and Cisco are developing connected car technology, MIT’s new Artificial Intelligence can already detect 85% of cyber attacks and more top news from this week!

Tech News Recap

  • Almost all of IT budgets will soon be dedicated to cloud, Intel study finds
  • Amazon AWS predicted to lose ground to Microsoft in public cloud
  • Microsoft Launches Azure Container Service
  • What IT needs to know about mobile app development tools
  • Cloud investments and challenges for CIOs in India
  • Why some CIOs are taking on customer advisory roles
  • Billionaire Jeff Bezos‘ Next $10 Billion Business
  • Ford turns off the headlights, shows self-driving cars can navigate in the dark
  • How a giant like GE found home in the cloud
  • Most CIOs Do’t Think Their Companies Can Handle Big Data
  • Hyundai Taps Cisco to Develop Connected Car Tech
  • XaaS is not a passing trend
  • Successful VDI Implementation for Financial Services
  • MIT’s new AI can already detect 85% of cyber attacks and is getting smarter every day
  • FBI Paid iPhone Hacker $1.3 Million, Report Claims
  • That man who deleted his entire company with a line of code? It was a hoax
  • Top social CIOs: 25 must-follow IT leaders on Twitter


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By Ben Stephenson, Emerging Media Specialist