Tech News Recap for the Week of 05/22/17

If you had a busy week last week and need to catch up, here’s a tech news recap of articles you may have missed for the week of 05/22/2017!

SD-WAN gets real as Cisco makes a big investment in Viptela. Citrix rolls out new cloud and analytics services for enterprise. WannaCry ransomware deadline passes, not many people pay up. Why it’s important to have a smart endpoint compliance strategy. 10 ways to protect your Windows computer from ransomware and more tops news this week you may have missed!

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Tech News Recap


  • With a smart endpoint compliance strategy, damage from ransomware attacks like WannaCry can be drastically reduced
  • Learn how to successfully harness DevOps and ITOM for secure & compliant hybrid cloud ops




  • SD-WAN gets real as Cisco Sytems makes a big investment in Viptela
  • IoT Threat Defense is Cisco’s answer to limited damage if/when IoT devices are compromised
  • Cisco launches IoT platform, partners with Microsoft Azure
  • Cisco to network engineers: Get comfortable with software. It’s here to stay


  • Citrix rolls out new cloud, analytics services for enterprises


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By Jake Cryan, Digital Marketing Specialist