Tech News Recap for the Week of 02/19/18

If you had a busy week in the office and need to catch up, here’s our tech news recap of articles you may have missed the week of 02/19/2018!

The 10 biggest breakthrough technologies of 2018. How one insurance startup is using AI to slash rates for customers. Why Microsoft spends over $1 billion on cybersecurity each year. Digital transformation and the role of DevOps and more top news this week you may have missed! Remember, to stay up-to-date on the latest tech news throughout the week, follow @GreenPagesIT on Twitter.

Tech News Recap

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AWS or Azure? How to Move from Analysis Paralysis Toward a Smart Cloud Choice

IT Operations

Artificial Intelligence

  • How one insurance startup is using AI to slash rates for customers
  • Moneyball for movies: Data science and AI in Hollywood
  • IBM Storage for multi-cloud and AI workloads


  • Why Microsoft spends over $1 billion on cybersecurity each year
  • Cloud services lead the way as Microsoft reports quarterly revenues of $428.9 billion





  • Will the greatest feat at the Pyeongchang Olympics be staving off cyber attacks
  • 10 most common types of malware, and how to avoid them
  • IBM Security Report: Asia-Pacific users are biometric early-adopters
  • Intel ups bug bounty payouts to $250K
  • US spent up to $109B on cybercrime in 2016. How much will it spend in 2018?
  • US Border officials haven’t properly verified visitor passports for more than a decade
  • L.A. Times website injected with Monero cryptocurrency mining script

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By Jake Cryan, Digital Marketing Specialist