Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 End-of-Life: It’s Time to Act!

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 End-of-Life is coming up on 4/11/2017. April will be here before you know it, and, if you’re still running Exchange 2007, the time to start planning and acting is now. There are several options to consider when upgrading. For example, do you want to migrate to Exchange on-prem or to Office 365? There are also programs from Microsoft such as their Fasttrack offering that you can take advantage of. In this short video, I’ll discuss end-of-life, the options you have in front of you, and next steps you should be taking. If you have questions around upgrading Exchange Server 2007, please reach out!


Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 End-of-Life: 4/11/2017


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By David Barter, Practice Manager, Microsoft Technologies